Girlfriends, yes, you need them!

Let’s talk about EVERYTHING.

It just hit me tonight. Like a ton of bricks. I don’t know why I haven’t come to this realization before. Girlfriends need girlfriends. I don’t mean the lesbian thing at all. I mean, girls need to talk to other girls.

Bottom line. Why, you ask did that just hit me now, after 41 years of being on this earth? Why hadn’t that occurred to me, say, when i was in my 20’s? I don’t know. What I do know is that my girlfriends around me now, know EVERYTHING about me. My last bowel movement, my last hemorrhoid issue, my last dentist appointment, what my mother-in-law said to me and so on…and so forth…they know more about me than me. Some friends of mine can even remember the exact date and time of some minor and major events that have occurred in my life.

Oddly enough, i don’t remember any of it. They will rattle off, “yeah, I remember when you had your appendix taken out, it was right after so and so was potty trained.” (I do remember having my appendix taken out, for the record.)

My girlfriends are the first people I tell anything to, besides my husband who sometimes is only half listening. They LISTEN, they respond, they encourage and criticize (in a nice way) and most importantly they nurture me, as i them. These relationships are VITAL at this stage of the game we call life. Why? In other words, why can’t our husbands be the “girlfriend?”

A great question, one that has boggled many minds, including my own. Here is my answer, take it for what its worth. Most (because there are a select few) husbands can’t and don’t have the patience to listen to us be “yentas.” A word my good friend Dan loves to use when we are at parties, sitting on the couch “chatting.” But that so-called “chatter” is what keeps us motivated and alive and feeling like we have a purpose in life besides tending to the ever exhausting needs of our children.

This includes working moms as well. They absolutely need that yenta time, in fact, more than once have i heard a working mom friend say, i just want to know what’s going on, what is everyone up to. She needs that “break away” time to feel connected. I suppose, for most, its almost like therapy without the $150 bill at the end of the session. Look, who else is patient enough to listen to me complain about 20-30 different ailments i have had over the past 10 years? My mom and sister are fantastic but they are not in my everyday life.

I need my girlfriends to listen to me. I need them to laugh at my jokes, praise my kids when they do something good and most importantly lend a shoulder when I need to cry about something. Girlfriends are a necessity of life, without them, well, you may as well be a man.