Music and Religion

Peter Gabriel

They are so intertwined.  There’s a reason hymnals start and end religious ceremony throughout the world.  Religious dogmas and the choice of Gods we worship dual, but the uplifting power of music and song penetrates borders, language, culture, gender and belief.

No matter who you are – I dare you to not be moved by an Arabic funeral mourning chant, the ridiculous glee of a K-pop (Korean -think Psy’s “gangham style”), the deep pain of a blues or gospel (or both) spiritual or the music of your time – one that brings back memories – even if it’s decades later.

The thing that struck me me most when my mom was an ex-pat in India is how all the American and Canadians (let’s face it we’re close) were moved by a so-so Indian band singing cover songs from the ex-pat homeland.  A Beatles song could capture the English too and bring everyone to tears.

I was lucky enough to attend two amazing shows at the Hollywood Bowl this week.  A beautiful outdoor ampitheatre cut into the hills of California in the 1920’s in the style of Greece and Rome.

I got to relive my past and the AWESOME music of Peter Gabriel.  Decades later he and his musicians are on their game – same as they were 30 years ago –

And the next night a modern day chanteuse (Florence and the Machine) haunted the Hollywood hills with the choral undertones of her music and her emotive voice backed by powerful, gospel voices.  This clip’s from BBC (“The Drumming Song” for my singing, always into the music know, friend Janelle :).  Enjoy!

And just for fun – Korean Psy live- you may not understand the language, but you feel the energy – it’s a “church” of thousands!

Sing along and rejoice!