Week 2, day 8, diet 1 – fast 1 day a week diet


I went straight into my do-over fast day on Friday (the day after my failed fast day). Still had about 750 calories, but did better than the first time. I did have head-aches though and trouble sleeping with a grumbling stomach. The next day I weighed in and had lost 2 lbs in 5 days 🙂

I ordered Thai food (noodle dish) the next day and promptly gained the 2 lbs of lost weight back. But then it seems to have stabilized at one pound lost for the week a day later.

So the moral seems to be – you still have to really watch your food intake on this diet. Fasting one day a week (so far) does not seem to be a miracle, metabolism boosting, weight loss formula.

Deep down I know that – but an overweight girl can dream!

Diet Plan Log, Day 8:

Diet Type: Fast One Day A Week Diet

Exercise: Not much. Made sure not to exercise on fast day as exercise makes me hungry! Will do better with exercise this new week.

Fast Day Meal Plan: Started with an egg and coffee with almond milk. You can crack an egg in a bowl and microwave on high for 25-35 seconds and get an egg over medium or hard fast. No butter or cooking spray needed! One of my healthier ex’s taught me that trick.

My big meal of the day was a Panda Express bowl of spicy shrimp with a side of veggies. 280 calories total (photo above).

And for dinner I snacked on air-popped popcorn with balsamic vinegar and some thin parmesan shavings. I learned that what I thought was 2 1/2 cups of popcorn was really 6 cups. Good to get out those measuring cups and re-learn your portions!

I also had a “Sex and the City” moment when I tossed half the popcorn and then later dug the good bits back out of the garbage (like Miranda when she threw away her Betty Crocker chocolate cake, walked away and then took it back out of the garbage and ate it).

Clink on the link below to watch Miranda, and feel better about yourself, if you’ve done this too!


Metabolism Boosters: hot water with lemon and oregano and flax seed oils

Cheats: extra popcorn on fast day, Thai Drunken Noodle dish day after fast day, two glasses of wine day after the fast day too (scaling the booze way back this week, aiming to cut it all out).

Fit2Fat2Fit by Drew Manning (Book Review)

Looked through this book while eating nachos. Healthy-ish nachos (as far as nachos go) and reading passages in this book inspired me to only eat half of them. That’s pretty much as good as it gets for my dieting.

The second line in the title is “The Unexpected Lessons From Gaining and Losing 75 LBS On Purpose.” I think that Drew could’ve just mentioned that he gained 75 lbs on purpose, not that he lost it on purpose. ‘Cause let’s face it – losing 75 pounds without purposely trying is a rare occurrence.

If you flip through the pages fast there’s a little man in the corner who starts out fit, gets fatter and then fit again so you can decide whether you want to read about fit or fat Drew. This book was originally a blog so you could follow his progress (or regress) on a daily basis.

Being a hyper-fit personal trainer Drew didn’t sympathize much with his overweight clients. He didn’t understand their sugar withdrawals or caffeine headaches when they had to give up soda (or pop as we say in the Midwest). He couldn’t grasp how they gasped and even vomited so easily when he pushed them to the limit.

This experiment changes that. Once he puts on the weight and his energy level plummets, Drew realizes physically, viscerally, how his clients must feel when they come to him. Drew gets lazy. His wife gets annoyed. She obviously misses his hot body because both of them go on and on about how this experiment changed their relationship. You can skip through all that fast.

The recipes sound good though (going to try the caramelized onion glazed salmon) and it’s an easy read. Worth checking out if you want to learn more about how to combine different forms of exercise to avoid plateaus and how to eat a well balanced meal. It’s basic and sometimes long-winded on the personal whining, but not a bad place to start.

RECOMMENDATION: Take out from the library, then decide if you want to buy for the recipes and step-by-step exercise descriptions.