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My Bone Broth Experiment – Week 2, Day 12, Diet 1 (Fast one day a week diet)


After reading about bone broth, I had to check it out! So I found a slow cooker recipe, bought some bones and vegetables and gave it a shot.

As I sipped my first cup I thought about how my hair would glisten, my skin would glow and my joints would be free of any crotchety pain. I just needed to drink bone broth as my afternoon pick-me-up instead of coffee, every day.

It says it needs 8-24 hours for the bone marrow to seep into the broth, but I couldn’t wait! I wanted one before bedtime so dug in about 2 hours into the cooking time. This cup was still watery, and since I didn’t strain the solids out yet, it was more of a soup still. Not bad.

In the morning I had another cup after straining it through a fine mesh sieve. The broth was now rich and greasy. It was my fasting day so I thought I’d start it off with the broth, a cup supposedly has between 34-70 calories, depending on what web site you checked out. I drenched some on my dog Sady’s food too.

After I drank it, my stomach immediately began to hurt, which I guess is okay because it was a fast day. I really didn’t want to eat until late afternoon after that. I put some of the broth in the refrigerator and froze the rest.

But now when I think about the broth, I’m not sure I can stomach it again. The greasy richness might be too much. So – no broth solution for me! At least not on a daily basis.

Weigh-in was 180.8 so holding steady, but the fast one day a week diet is not exactly dropping those pounds off either. Earlier in the week, I made the mistake of thinking these cute little baggies of dark chocolate covered almonds couldn’t be more than 250 calories tops.


Turns out they were 410 calories. Oy vey! Tried to compensate for that by eating these kelp noodles. The whole package is less than 40 calories.


I added some garlic spicy sauce to it – but they pretty much taste like stiff pieces of nothing. I’ll try cooking them next time – maybe even in the bone broth. But these are not something I’ll eat on a regular basis.

So – since the weight loss is sluggish – I’m going to amp it up by overlapping the last week of the fast one day a week with the Beach Body 21 day fit program. I obviously need more caloric accountability on my non-fast days to stay on track.

And we’ll have a guest blogger, Colette Salmon Vaigl, joining us for several weeks with nutrition advice too! She’s lost weight and kept it off by permanently changing her eating and exercise habits.

Week 2, day 8, diet 1 – fast 1 day a week diet


I went straight into my do-over fast day on Friday (the day after my failed fast day). Still had about 750 calories, but did better than the first time. I did have head-aches though and trouble sleeping with a grumbling stomach. The next day I weighed in and had lost 2 lbs in 5 days 🙂

I ordered Thai food (noodle dish) the next day and promptly gained the 2 lbs of lost weight back. But then it seems to have stabilized at one pound lost for the week a day later.

So the moral seems to be – you still have to really watch your food intake on this diet. Fasting one day a week (so far) does not seem to be a miracle, metabolism boosting, weight loss formula.

Deep down I know that – but an overweight girl can dream!

Diet Plan Log, Day 8:

Diet Type: Fast One Day A Week Diet

Exercise: Not much. Made sure not to exercise on fast day as exercise makes me hungry! Will do better with exercise this new week.

Fast Day Meal Plan: Started with an egg and coffee with almond milk. You can crack an egg in a bowl and microwave on high for 25-35 seconds and get an egg over medium or hard fast. No butter or cooking spray needed! One of my healthier ex’s taught me that trick.

My big meal of the day was a Panda Express bowl of spicy shrimp with a side of veggies. 280 calories total (photo above).

And for dinner I snacked on air-popped popcorn with balsamic vinegar and some thin parmesan shavings. I learned that what I thought was 2 1/2 cups of popcorn was really 6 cups. Good to get out those measuring cups and re-learn your portions!

I also had a “Sex and the City” moment when I tossed half the popcorn and then later dug the good bits back out of the garbage (like Miranda when she threw away her Betty Crocker chocolate cake, walked away and then took it back out of the garbage and ate it).

Clink on the link below to watch Miranda, and feel better about yourself, if you’ve done this too!

Metabolism Boosters: hot water with lemon and oregano and flax seed oils

Cheats: extra popcorn on fast day, Thai Drunken Noodle dish day after fast day, two glasses of wine day after the fast day too (scaling the booze way back this week, aiming to cut it all out).

First Fasting Day (Diet Day 4)


Fasting makes food become the only thing you think about! Like those bad dudes you dated who
you mistakenly became obsessed with because you couldn’t have them! So… what should’ve been a 600-800 calorie day, became a 1200ish one. Which isn’t bad, but doesn’t qualify as a fast day either.

So, Friday will become the fast day now. Ugh! Not looking forward to it!

But I did seem to lose a pound already by becoming food conscious – let’s hope it holds!

Diet Plan Log, Day 4:

Diet Type: Fast One Day A Week Diet (week 1). Because I was leading up to a fast day, I became more conscious of what I eat day to day so that helped me stay on track. Did eat at In and Out for lunch one day, but limited it to a hamburger and 1/3 of an fry order.

4th day weigh-in: 180.8 pounds (-1 pound from first weigh-in).

Exercise: Slacked off for a few days, but took an amazing hot vinyasa flow class for an hour and 15 minutes tonight.

Fast Day Meal Plan: Started with an apple and coffee with almond milk. Then ate a small amount of dried cranberries. Approximately 200 calories total.

For lunch, I made a baked chicken with parmesan recipe and had 4 peanuts too. (I remembered a diet lunch meal Elisabeth Shue got with a small protein piece and 2 cashews when we worked on HOLLOW MAN and did my own home version). Approximately 450 calories total.


Metabolism Boosters: hot water with lemon and oregano and flax seed oils

Healthy Snacks: frozen pineapple (280 calories), popcorn with garlic butter (250 calories) -the snacks started putting me over my limit.

Cheats: mozzarella cheese stick, gouda bites and 2 glasses of wine (okay, way over now and I am not counting anymore!). On to a do over!

Next Log-In: Sunday, but will fast on Friday and give the update in my Sunday log.

The 4 month diet rotation experiment – week 1, day 1, diet 1 – fast 1 day a week diet.


I didn’t lose weight in time for my wedding, and that’s okay. But I’m over having tired knees from going up and down the bedroom stairs and being winded after a half block jog/walk. Time to suck it up and get fit!

My hard goal is to lose 40 lbs in 4 months (by August 17). Soft goal is between 28-32 pounds. I am going to rotate different 3 week diet plans. Although some might hit the wayside faster if I find them too hard to follow. Last time I did the strict no dairy-no grains-no alcohol Whole 30 diet I lasted about 2 1/2 days – hope I can do a bit better on that this time! And if after 8-10 days it seems like I am gaining weight on a diet – it’ll get kicked to the curb ASAP.

My heart doctor has been promoting a fast-one-day-a-week diet and had a patient lose 10 lbs a month on this so I’m gonna try it first. Jimmy Kimmel lost his weight by fasting twice a week, but not ready for that yet! Baby steps. You eat regular, but don’t overeat six days a week, and take in between 600-800 calories on the fasting day.

For exercise I’m gonna mix up the 21 Day Fit Beach Body videos with work-outs and yoga classes this week. I’ve been paying to belong to two gyms, guess I should go to them occasionally. Since I am not 20 and getting back into it, I’ll be following Kat (photo above) on the moves on the exercise video. She does modified versions of the jumps and more strenuous moves. I want her job! You get to look winded and sigh on camera – I’d be great at that!

Here’s my Diet Plan Log, Day 1:

Diet Type: Fast One Day A Week Diet

1st day weigh-in: 181.8 pounds

Exercise: 1st day of 21 Day Fit Exercise Video/ Long Morning Dog Walk with Sady.

Meal Plan: Started with a protein breakfast (as recommended by the Whole 30 diet). Had greek eggs – tomatoes, onion, avocado, feta cheese and red cherry pepper. Used second half of avocado for lunch – topped with fresh salmon. I was at my friend Leslie’s for dinner and she made a hearty bean soup accompanied by a crunchy kale side salad and corn bread muffin.



Metabolism Boosters: 1/4 cherry pepper and red pepper flakes on my eggs, hot water with lemon and oregano and flax seed oils, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Healthy Snacks: frozen berries, dried cranberries (but not too many, more fattening than you think!).

Cheats: 4 saltines with small slices of gouda cheese, 4 pieces of salami, 1 small and absolutely delicious heart-shaped, liquor-filled chocolate from Germany (last of box from wedding gift), 1 beer.

Next Log-In: Wednesday night, this week’s fasting day. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it!