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WILD by Cheryl Strayed – Review

I’ve thought about this book a lot since I read it. It’s hard to write about it without letting my own experience with life-changing grief seep in, but I’ll do my best!

The power of WILD lies in its raw truth. After the loss of her beloved and free-spirited mother – Cheryl Strayed doesn’t gloss over her self-destruction into heroin and mindless sex (even though she was married to a good guy). “Nothing could bring my mother back or make it okay that she was gone.” She was 22, her mom, 45.

The journey back to herself started when she was still reeling, in her words: “sad and desperate and on the brink of divorcing a man I loved.” In line to purchase an foldable shovel, she saw the book “Pacific Coast Trail, Volume 1, California.” She didn’t buy it then, but came back.

And so began her hike that was “two feet wide and 2,663 miles long.” Even with (or because of) a “monster” backpack – she was comically unprepared to hike the Pacific Trail from too tight, toenail-dropping hiking boots to more “condom weight” than necessary.

Sheer physical exhaustion, the brutality and beauty of nature and unexpected moments of humanity and camaraderie is what I leave for you to discover when you check out WILD…

(The photo in the heading is of her mom).