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Things I’ve Googled (Don’t Judge!)

My fantastic beyond words friend Dana is moving from Cleveland to Austin. She’s also doing it at the not so tender age of 44 and stressing out.

So what do you think she googled?

“Zit under jaw line.” Love it (and her)!

Let’s face it – we’ve all googled some zingers. We like to think it’s anonymous, but even without Big Brother government conspiracy theories (some of which have gotta be true) every time you pull out your laptop or ipad or phone – there’s always the danger that last search will come up in full glaring view to anyone around you when you log into the web.

Let’s hope your last search wasn’t on herpes. Or how to get out of a felony conviction. Or even my boyfriend’s last search – “is Loverboy still together?” The answer – Yes, they are and cashing in on the county fair circuit ’cause “everybody’s working for the weekend.” (Sorry couldn’t help myself :).

And don’t forget being an office chair/internet doctor. Who hasn’t googled one symptom they’re having and then spent an hour (or three) hunched over while trolling through medical sites and then eventually convinced themselves that they have lupus, SARS or that rare illness that stumped all the doctors on last night’s rerun of HOUSE?

So in the internet spirit, let’s share, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve googled? And are you done googling it or are you still addicted to that search???

Fit2Fat2Fit by Drew Manning (Book Review)

Looked through this book while eating nachos. Healthy-ish nachos (as far as nachos go) and reading passages in this book inspired me to only eat half of them. That’s pretty much as good as it gets for my dieting.

The second line in the title is “The Unexpected Lessons From Gaining and Losing 75 LBS On Purpose.” I think that Drew could’ve just mentioned that he gained 75 lbs on purpose, not that he lost it on purpose. ‘Cause let’s face it – losing 75 pounds without purposely trying is a rare occurrence.

If you flip through the pages fast there’s a little man in the corner who starts out fit, gets fatter and then fit again so you can decide whether you want to read about fit or fat Drew. This book was originally a blog so you could follow his progress (or regress) on a daily basis.

Being a hyper-fit personal trainer Drew didn’t sympathize much with his overweight clients. He didn’t understand their sugar withdrawals or caffeine headaches when they had to give up soda (or pop as we say in the Midwest). He couldn’t grasp how they gasped and even vomited so easily when he pushed them to the limit.

This experiment changes that. Once he puts on the weight and his energy level plummets, Drew realizes physically, viscerally, how his clients must feel when they come to him. Drew gets lazy. His wife gets annoyed. She obviously misses his hot body because both of them go on and on about how this experiment changed their relationship. You can skip through all that fast.

The recipes sound good though (going to try the caramelized onion glazed salmon) and it’s an easy read. Worth checking out if you want to learn more about how to combine different forms of exercise to avoid plateaus and how to eat a well balanced meal. It’s basic and sometimes long-winded on the personal whining, but not a bad place to start.

RECOMMENDATION: Take out from the library, then decide if you want to buy for the recipes and step-by-step exercise descriptions.