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California Dreaming

Encinitas – this San Diego North County beach town has had my heart since I moved to LA. Leslie and I would go visit her cousin there in our first year in the City of Angels. Leslie’s cousin, Sherry, lived in a $400 studio that was a stones throw from Moonlight Beach. We’d drink beer, eat amazing fish tacos and light some groovy sandstone incense while Sherry read our tarot cards.

The backbeat was waves lapping the shore and we laughed and got drunk (and I hoped that Sherry’s prediction that I would come into a ridiculous amount of money would come true – still waiting on that one 🙂 According to the cards I also had complicated boyfriends.


But we’re all more complicated then we let on, then we drink too much and try to explain ourselves while being in a state of complete incomprehension.

Years later I dated a dude who lived in Encinitas and the trip down was a nice escape from the city. We’d catch an incredible band at the Casbah Club 15 miles away in San Diego proper and ride back to North County in a pick-up truck with the wind and the stars. We’d also talk about stealing the shrooms in the freezer from his roommate – but it never happened. Still never done – but curious and afraid it could be a bad trip at once.

It’s gotten more expensive, but there’s still a reasonable motel with Moonlight Beach breezes across from where Leslie’s cousin used to live. Heard that studio’s rent is $1200 now. But that’s California, beach views are no longer for everyone.

Still – if I meet someone special – we always come back here. There’s an ocean breeze and frogs croaking in the lagoon and we can walk to the beach or up to the leaking La Paloma historic theater or to the taco stand or the 100 year old stinky bar with darts or we can splurge on one of the many fancy restaurants.

And this isn’t just dudes – it’s friends and family. This place became special because it was a place Leslie and I went in her convertible alfa romero to meet her cousin Sherry – and then my mom, Cynthia and Dana and Colette and I – have shared this awesome setting too.

And maybe on the beach stroll we’ll pass this whimsical cacti that kids stuck some Mr. Potato Head pieces and swords on and laugh at how it’s the small stuff that touches our hearts.